Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where I Found my Change!

After reading the previous post, I set to work locating any loose change around the house.
I checked the usual places.

The shelf over my washing machine. Mostly I found items I had pulled from my hubby's pockets. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of change there.

Ah-ha! A dime on the floor of the laundry room!
Checked under the sofa cushions. Not much there either. Although, there was an AWFUL lot of crumbs and barbie shoes. *Note to self: fire the maid.
OOoooo, a little more change on MY nightstand!
But the next place I looked was where I hit the jackpot.
Sassy Pants Wifey, I know you recognize this. Any guy that came back to the U.S. from Iraq and went through Germany has one of these. It was like a must purchase item. EVERY SINGLE guy in my hubby's unit bought one of these on their way home. Anyway, anyway, the point...JACKPOT!
This, my friends, is where my hubby dumps his change every day. I'm thinking most guys have a stash like this somewhere. Just take the money Ask your guys if you can have it for "the cause."
Now, I wanna see where you found YOUR change! Throw the pics up on your blog, tell your readers about us and what you plan to do with the change, then comment back here to let us know so we can check you out! I think it would be fun to see where everyone finds loose change!
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