Thursday, March 12, 2009

After debating the next post

I decided to write about a topic we all struggle with. Decision vs. Choice. Know the difference? Let me illustrate with a point. Last time we were at church there was a story about a family that contributes 30% of their income to the church. Sounds crazy especially in these times, right? After pondering what it would take to do this, it occured to me that it is more of a decision vs. choice deal. They decided to donate X amount of money each paycheck. It was not treated as a choice, like what we choose for breakfast. We make a lot of decisions in life, even inaction is a decision. It is very easy to choose not to donate to charitable causes. I, myself am guilty of this one. I have lots of causes that I "wish" I could donate to but dont. But why? If I told myself to save a dollar a week for specific causes and follow throught it would be simple as that. It is hard to part with money in that respect, but I figure I buy things that I really dont need sometimes and that money could instead go to causes that really need it. Pocket change even helps. My whole point is that we choose what we do to help. We can choose to tell ourselves that we "can't" help, or we can decide that we will.

Another point to ponder. When someone faces something that is hard, like REALLY hard, tradegy hard, you always hear people say "I dont know how you do it" or "I couldn't do it" but what people forget is that they didnt choose this route, they have no choice but to continue on. They make it through because they have to. That simple.

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